Resident Management

A Resident Management Company (RMC) is usually formed as a vehicle to take contractual responsibility for the management of the common areas and shared services; without which the management of a building or housing estate can quickly break down.

However, the role of the RMC demands organisation, time and money.  Without the services of an experienced agent, it is often left to the dedication of one or two residents to collect the service charges and decide what maintenance should be done and when.  Those involved will be aware that self-management can be a complicated and thankless task.  Disagreements can arise between neighbours which can become detrimental to the overall management.

Acorn is agent to a growing number of resident management companies.  Our infrastructure enables us to bring an organised and fair approach to the daily management issues which arise.  We have the resources to fulfill the many benefits and avoid the many pitfalls of self management.  We provide invaluable support in areas such as budget control, arrears recovery, health and safety and supervision of works.  We assess the need for works based on a duty to the residents as a group and not on individual preferences and all our appointed trades people and advisors are regularly monitored, properly insured and fully qualified.